Day 16

Read Ruth 1:14b – 16 – Day 16

Imagine leaving behind everything you know to move to a foreign country. What would it be like to leave behind your way of life, your culture and the relationships you spent a lifetime building? There is no doubt that it took great faith for Ruth to leave everything she knew to go with her mother-in-law to a country where people from her land are despised.

So, why did she do it? She desired, above all else, to know the God of Israel. She was willing to give up everything in order to know God. Her decision took great faith and she was mightily blessed for it. Even though she was not expecting to be blessed for making this decision, she was. God responded to her faith by giving her a new way of life, a new culture and a new family.

Isn’t it interesting that this is what God asks us to do when we choose to live for Him? He asks us to turn away from what is not of Him, even if it’s everything we have ever known. He asks us to follow Him, and surround ourselves with people who know Him. Then, on top of it all, He blesses us, even though we do not expect it or deserve it. It is blessing enough just to know God.

Is there something you may have to leave in order to pursue God with all your heart?

Meditate on the assurance of knowing that God will respond to your faith decision.