Day 15

John 10:10 – Day 15

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

When you were a child, most likely you had big dreams about your future. What would you become, where would you live and what would your family look like? These thoughts would make our heart leap with excitement. Then, as life progresses, the luster of these dreams dwindle. We get lost in the daily grind and we can lose that sense of our future. Our enemy wants to get sidetracked, high jacked or even make us backtrack to our old life. But there is good news…

Jesus has come to give us life to the full! That means displacing the focus off ourselves and onto the mission of God. When we see God and His mission in the earth, our dream life is electrified. As we see ourselves through His eyes, He illuminates our giftings, talents and skills that can be used to bring heaven to earth, and we get swept up in making a difference in the world. This is where our faith translates to reality. You have been made to be a blessing to others and God is going to use your faith, your confident expectation, to not only have a right mind about you, but the determination to do something about it.

Write down a dream that God may be kindling in you.

Prayerfully consider what steps God may have you take to make this dream a reality.