Day 14

Read Luke Chapter 24 - Day 14

Each time Jesus appears in this chapter, He shows Himself to more than one person. The women at the tomb, the disciples going to Emmaus and the Eleven were all in company when Jesus came to them. Despite his efforts, Peter’s solo investigation at the tomb didn’t unveil the risen Savior. Luke’s account (intentionally or not) highlights the importance of individuals gathering together. Only together did they confirm what each other saw and experienced. Only together did they come to meet Jesus in a transforming way.

It is crucial that you realize that you are not alone for these 21 Days of Faith. Your times of devotion may be private, but your expectation and faith are mixed with everyone else in our church. In the space below, write the names of three fellow believers who are going through this handbook. Pray over them (today and here forward) and take the time to see how they are doing on a regular basis. Discover how faith is an individual and corporate experience.