Day 17

Read 2 Kings 6:8-17 – Day 17

When we set our hearts to do good, to stand for righteousness or to make godly decisions, we are usually met with adversity, though sometimes we find peace. When we find peace, it’s easy to believe that God is with us and that God is for us. Unfortunately, when we are faced with adversity, it becomes very difficult to have faith about the decisions we just made. Imagine going through the mind of Elisha’s servant when he first looked up and saw the enemy army surrounding him. He probably thought, “Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to get involved with this war.” Thankfully, Elisha reminded his servant that the same God that was with the during the good times is still God and is still with them. The problem for us, like Elisha’s servant, is that we need supernatural help to see beyond our circumstances and to see how big our God is.

O Lord, in times of difficulty, open our eyes to see.