Our theme as a church this summer is growing as “Emotionally Healthy People.” An essential way this happens is when we reflect on God’s word, letting Him encourage us and build us up. Another key part of this process is taking an honest look at our emotions and our lifestyle. Thes following daily reflection questions - taken from Peter and Geri Scazzero’s Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Workbook, can help you in this process.

We encourage you to take time each day to reflect on God’s Word (see our Weekly Reading Plan for suggested passages of Scripture, and feel free to read through some - or all - of them). During this time of contemplation and reflection, consider the daily question(s) below. It may be helpful to write out (i.e. journal) your thoughts in a notebook.

Day 1

How do you hear the invitation to "stop and surrender to God in trust" today?

Day 2

When can you set aside some time for extended, uninterrupted silence to hear God?

How might you be busier than God requires?

Day 3

What keeps you from silence?

How might the rhythms you see in nature (spring, summer, fall, winter, day, night) speak to you about the kind of rhythms you desire for your own life?

Day 4

What is your greatest fear in stopping for a 24-hour period each week?

How might Sabbath-keeping (for an entire 24-hour period) or practicing the presence of God during the day (a mini-Sabbath for a few minutes) provide for you a taste of eternity?

Day 5

How will you allow God to lead you to the "quiet waters" of rest this week so that you experience His unconditional love and acceptance?

How might the truth that God doesn't want to use you, but to enjoy you, give you a vision for celebrating Sabbath?