Our theme as a church this summer has been growing as “Emotionally Healthy People.” An essential way this happens is when we reflect on God’s word, letting Him encourage us and build us up. Another key part of this process is taking an honest look at our emotions and our lifestyle. The following daily reflection questions can help you in this process.

This week (the last one of our summer series!) our focus is "Developing a Rule of Life."

Day 1

What is your plan, in the midst of your busy day, for not leaving the nurturing of your interior life with God to chance?

How and why do you think finding time alone with God in silence might “teach you everything”?

Day 2

Where can you find the time in your week to “gaze on the infinite beauty of God?”

What difference might it make if you were to practice “building open spaces” into your life?

Day 3

In what ways might God be searching for you today – knocking at the door of your life?

Day 4

What would it look like for you to “run on the path of God’s commandments?”

Day 5

What fears are you carrying that you can release to your Abba Father today?

What might it look like for God’s love to invade and fill you, guiding you to what you “must do?”